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Fight Training
Sifu Clyde Derrick

Wing Chun
Kung Fu
based MMA is better
than boxing based mma


Henderson Location
Lake Forest Park
1005 State Hwy 64
RSVP by facebook group

Think of it as a crash course.
Train hard, learn fast,
right to the point.

Both locations start with
2 people enrolled.


Join Facebook Group:
Henderson / Kilgore Texas
Fight Training

  • Kilgore Location:
    Kilgore City Park
    E North St / Wood St
    RSVP by facebook group

    Starts now with
    2 students enrolled

    Wing Chun Kung Fu
    <age 14 up>

    includes concepts from
    JKD, Boxing, Kickboxing,
    & Tai Chi


Seminars Scheduled
Check back

Call to set up
>Corporate Classes

>Film Fight

Contact via
Facebook Group (OR)

$$ Payments- Cash
Scroll for pay schedule
>Privates paided in advance
>Special pricing for groups
3 or more

Class Times
Parent must stay
for class if the minor
is female







Adult Class
5:30 - 7:00
5:45 - 7:15
5:30 - 7:00
5:45 - 7:15

First class will be after I have 2 students
signed up. I will not be at location without
those sign ups. Contact me via Instagram
or Facebook group

Purchase Gear online
You DO NOT need gear right away, and you can workout in whatever is comfortable.
For now wear sweat pants, T-shirt, have sweat shirt available, and soft, flexible, lightweight tennis shoes.

Keep in mind, sparring is not a requirement. You can opt for chest only sparring
meaning, no face contact or, air sparring where you get close but don't exactly
make contact. Your comfort zone determines what's best for you. Either way,
you still learn to stop what's coming at you.

Wing Chun needs
Any type of small gloves that don't interfere with your ability to grab hold.
Clothing is black kung fu pants, and a white T-Shirt, bring Sweat shirt. Pants can have elastic at bottom if you choose.
For sparring you will need elbow pads, a cup, and karate head gear with face guard but, for a while, sparring will be limited to chest area so have a mouth piece just in case. Lightweight, flexible tennis shoes that you can move well in will work, karate shoes if you like.

(for later not now)
Tournament Karate needs
Standard karate tournament foot covers, gloves, mouthpiece, and headgear with or without face guard, face guard is safer of course. If have face guard, you do not need mouthpiece (in tournament you do). Chest pads optional for girls, a cup for boys, and a standard white karate uniform, no elastic at bottom of pants. Since I'm just getting started I haven't purchased floor mats, so karate shoes are needed (lightweight flexible tennis shoes work for now). After I have mats, it's still better to have on karate shoes, at that point no tennis shoes, only karate shoes. We won't spar for a while so there's plenty of time to purchase gear; to be hygienic, sharing gear isn't the best way to go. Purchase in this order: shoes first, then the uniform, then the sparring gear. If you have children of same size, they can share gear. has shoes under $10.00. Walmart has a sale on shoes $16.32 (link here). Look around, you can find shoes for under $18.

(for later, not now)
Kickboxing needs
Mouthpiece, 16 ounce training boxing gloves, shin pads and karate headgear without face guard. Later will add, elbow and knee pads.
(Note: Kickboxing class does not involve heavy sparring so karate headgear will be good enough and more comfortable.
Later on, if you choose to do heavy sparring, boxing headgear will be needed.
Clothing is a white T-Shirt and any style karate pants in any color except black, or you can get kickboxing shorts, and karate shoes.
Do not buy karate pants with elastic at the bottom.

Pictures of Gear (link)


How much $ are classes?
No sign up fee
No registration fee

Registration fee is, you shared the link to
this site in two locations on social media.
Example: your facebook page and in your
group, or facebook and Instagram. Or two
different accounts on facebook and or

Henderson cost: $11 per class, so it's
$88.00 for four weeks. (8 classes)

Kilgore cost: $11.50 per class, added
.50 cents to help me with gas, so cost is
$92.00 for four weeks. (8 classes)

Payment in cash, exact amount please.
Only three $1s (3 dollars) Henderson
two $1s (2 dollars and change) Kilgore


More videos on youtube page. Search
Clyde Derrick



Virtual Fight League

Maybe you just want to throw down.
Maybe you don't want to train.
Maybe you just want to be on youtube.
Texas is a mutual combat state so,
gear up, show up, throw down.

Join Facebook group and send me a
Henderson / Kilgore Texas Fight School

No we don't throw down in the class, this
is a park meet up.

Continuous Tournament
Five Kings
MMA - Adult

Must be at least 18 years of age
to enter this tournament
Must show I.D.

Minimum skills needed: At least
blue belt level martial arts, high
school level wrestling, some ground
training and basic boxing, kickboxing.

Absent of this basic level training,
you put yourself at risk of injury.
We recommend some training to
know how to protect yourself.

Contest will be stopped if it's clear
you cannot put up a basic defense.

Tournament takes place (no date)
Location provided as we get closer


5 weight classes
True weight
On scale before fight
Heavyweights, Super Heavyweights
226-up lbs
Apocalypse Division
Light Heavyweight, Cruiserweight
196-225 lbs
Death Division
Super Welterweight, Middleweight, Super Middleweight
171-195 lbs
Conquest Division
Lightweight, Super Lightweight, Welterweight

146-170 lbs
War Division
Flyweights, Bantamweight, Featherweight
115-145 lbs
Famine Division

King: Clyde Derrick
A.K.A. "Old man on the mountain"
A.K.A. "Little man big fight"
A.K.A. "Gone in 60 seconds"


Gear needed :
Karate Style Head Gear (required)
Face Guard (required)
Protective Cup (required)
Fight Elbow Pads (required)
Fight Knee pads (required)

Mouth Piece-Fight size-(optional)
Shin pads (optional) or
Instep & Shin pads (optional)

MMA gloves

***Wear as much gear as you
mentally need.

Cloths are:
Whatever makes you comfortable.

Shoes if you throw kicks:
Boat/Water shoes (or)
Karate Shoes (or) Barefoot

If you will NOT throw a kick:

soft tennis shoes are okay. If you kick
with tennis shoes on you will be
asked to take off shoes and go

See pictures of gear REQUIRED

Fight Rules:
1- No strikes to back of neck.
2- No breaking, allow fighter to tap.
3- No backwards Sacrafice throws.
4- No leg locking/heel hooking.****
5- No side kick to knee, front or side.****
6- No front body slams on head.
7- No striking a person on their knee(s).
8- Limit 2 hammer hits if they're down.
9- No eye strikes.

Note: Finger & Toe nails fully cut back.

*Time on ground is limited to 15
seconds, after that ref stands you up.

Standing 8 counts can be given.

Groin & eye strike rest time, but initial
accidental contact does not give rest
so protect yourself until ref steps in.

Three 2 minute rounds
1 minute rest between rounds.

Winner decided by round. A submission
does not end the round, unless the
fighter cannot continue, otherwise
fight restarts and continue. You have
a chance to win that round despite
the submission.

Ways to lose a round and or fight:
1- 2 standing 8 counts loses rounds.
2- two take downs or throws loses round.
3- 2nd eye poke lose round, 3rd lose fight.
4- 2nd hit to back of neck lose fight.
5 -2nd groin hit lose fight.
6- a 3rd standing 8 count loses fight.
7- too many blows taken, fight stopped.
8- turning your back on opponent twice
in one round loses that round. This does
not include a spinning technique.
9- break fight rules 1-8 lose fight.

Ways to a win the match:
1- Win 2 out of 3 rounds on points
2- The other fighter quits
3- Corner throws in the towel
4- Ref stops fight

Each fighter can have (2) two
corner people.


How the Tournament works
Hope to have 4 participants per weight
class. The winners of those two fights
fight each other.

After the Tournament is over, those who
desire can go into the random matchup
competition.These matches will be one
round, one minute.

Following that, we'll have a group
workout where we will share different
techniques from the various styles.

At end of day, we'll all go out and have
a nice dinner together.

Later on, you're send me this info

A.K.A. (fight name)
Record (0-0 for now)
Style or self-taught



Henderson / Kilgore Texas
Fight Training

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Instagram: Clyde Derrick

X (Twitter): Clyde Derrick

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