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Fight Lessons
Sifu Clyde Derrick
Wing Chun
Ground Fight


Metro-Los Angeles, California

Group Class
Wing Chun Kung Fu

Instagram @clydederrick

Private Lessons run 1 hours

Wing Chun Kung Fu
JKD Concepts & Intro to

>Private lessons paid in advance
>Special pricing for private groups

Seminars Scheduled

Email me to set up
>Corporate Classes

>Film Fight Choreography

My Martial Arts

Cash or via cash app
Contact for Private prices
In- Person Group Class
Start up after Delta passes

$25 per week- 4 weeks in advance
Lesson time slots
Below this chart are
instructions how to sign up


Private Zoom class- 1 hour
Boxing, kickboxing, Wing Chun
x1=$15, x2=$20 (x=people)
Private In-person- 1 hour
Boxing/Kickboxing, Wing Chun
x1=$25, x2=$40, x4=$60 (x=people)
Group 6:30PM to 8:00PM
Wing Chun
Wing Chun
Group 8:00PM to 8:30PM
Open Practice
Open Practice
Zoom Group 7PM to 8PM
Pacific Time-read below:$40
Street Boxing
Zoom Group 7PM to 8PM
Eastern Time-read below:$40
Street Boxing

How To Learn
via Private Zoom or
Private In-Person Training

>Pay with U.S. Currency $$ only

> Email for private zoom time slot
or In-Person time and price

For private
x1 or x2, it's cheaper and better to
have a training partner.

In-Person Zoom
x1, x2, x4, it's cheaper and better to
have a partner. A 3rd person is odd
person out.

> The email used in PayPal is
where your zoom invite will go.
If you do nothave a paypal account
and paid by credit card, send
your email & name on card so we can
match you up with the payment.

A few videos to show my
skills and knowledge





Virtual Fight League
The Show

Recorded via zoom during pandemic,
but will be a live and in person soon.
Imagine Keanu Reeves vs Wesley
Snipes or Uma Thurman vs Charlize
Theron It's killer hot and funny!

Two fight competitors & their Avatars go move for move
3 judges decide who won each round
2 out of 3 rounds wins the fight

Old Man on the Mountain

Fight Night 03
The Beast

Sifu Clyde Derrick
winner >>>
Chancey Boone
Style: Wing Chun/Bagua
Style: Boxing/Kickboxing
Record: 0 wins 2 losses
August 8
Record: 2 wins 0 loss

Copyright 2020 Derrick Autry. All rights reserved

Comedian Tony Jones
Winner >>>
Comedian Demetrius Watts
Style: Verbal Combat
Style: Verbal Combat
Record: 0wins 1 loss
Record: 1 wins 1 loss

A.K.A. Spider

A.K.A. The Chef

Virtual definition: almost or nearly. U
can't expect celebrities to hit each other.

instagram: clydederrick


League Roster




Managers & Models

Past Fights


How the competition works
and Guidelines for zoom


Join the community
Facebook Group: Virtual Fight League

Youtube Page: Virtual Fight League

Instagram: ClydeDerrick

Twitter: ClydeDerrick

Clyde Derrick's
Virtual Fight League
The Tournament
Fight The Four Kings
Open Styles Martial Arts

All point tournaments have a separate
contest for continuous point.
This tournament is 100% continuous
point scoring on three one minute rounds.

Minimum skills needed: At least Blue
Belt in your system, and advance
sparring skills.

Best skill level: some wrestling and
Ground fight knowledge to go with
your martial skills.

Tournament takes place (no date)
Location provided as we get closer
Depending on Coronavirus situation


4 Men's weight classes  
221-up lbs
191-220 lbs
161-190 lbs
125-160 lbs

2 Women weight categories  
151-200 lbs
90-150 lbs

1 Ranking categories
1- Brown/Black
2- Blue/Purple/Red

Because it is contiuous,
white, yellow, orange belts
may not have skills needed.

One age group because Seniors
can hang with the youngsters

How to Join? Contact me via

A.K.A. (fight name)
Belt Rank
Record (0-0 for now)
Social Media (where you are)
Reppin - School in city

Join facebook group:"Virtual Fight
League" and get ready.

Gear needed :
Mouth Piece (Fight size)
Karate Style Head Gear
Face Guard (not always used)
Shin to Instep Leg pads
Protective Cup
Fight Elbow Pads
Fight Knee pads
MMA Gloves (4-6 0unce)
(or) Kempo Gloves (or)
Wing Chun Gloves

Gi top and bottom or just bottom
with T-Shirt top (or) legging type.
Whatever makes you comfortable.
See pictures of gear required

Fight Rules:
1- No strikes to back of neck.
2- No intentional eye pokes.
3- No breaking, allow fighter tap.
4- No backwards Sacrafice throws.
5- No neck cranks.
6- No leg locking.
7- Finger & Toe nails fully cut back.
8- No finger joint manipulation

Standing 8 counts given
Groin & eye strike rest time, as needed.

Five 1 minute rounds

30 seconds between rounds (1 & 2),
(3 & 4), (4 & 5)
2 minute between rounds (2 & 3)

Winner decided by round. A submission
does not end the round, fighter restart
and continue.

Ways to lose a round:
1- other fighter fails to do at least 5 kicks
in the required round.
2- two standing 8 counts in one round.
3- four take downs or throws in one round.
4- second eye poke to opponent.
5- one hit to back of neck of opponent.
6 - second hit to groin area.
7- second retreating outside fight area.
8- you throw 2 heel kicks without heel pads.

Ways to a win the round and match:
1- Win 3 out of 5 rounds on points
2- The other fighter quits
3- Corner throws in the towel
4- Ref decides a fighter is so outmatched
continuing the fight is not safe.

The ref could cut a round short if it's
clear one fighter is too outclassed
by the other. The outmatched fighter
losses that round, but other rounds
will take place.

Each fighter can bring (2) two corner
people. Corner people must wear a
face mask. Corner people are
responsible for first aid. Fighters wear
face mask until fight starts.
*Corona virus is still out there!

No pizza man shouting out fight instructions.



Contact us via Instagram

Join: Facebook group
Virtual Fight League

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Privacy Policy
Virtual Fight League

Copyright 2020 Clyde Derrick All rights reserved

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