Meet the 12 Fighters of
Virtual Fight League

Censei Chris Adamchek
A.K.A. The Wolf
Fight Record: 0 win 0 losses
Sensei Chris of Okami Karate Dojo has been studying various martial arts for 23 years and has achieved the rank of 4th Dan and the title of “Renshi” in the hard and soft style of Goju Karate. He is an adept instructor who puts a heavy focus on well rounded karate, statistic based self-defense strategies, and weapons combat. You can find Chris at

Sifu Clyde Derrick, A.K.A. Black Tiger,
A.K.A. Old Man on the Mountain;
Can't be beat.
Fight Record: 0 wins, 0 loss
Clyde Derrick wrestled in high school, started Jeet kune Do, also known as Chinese Kickboxing at age 16. From there he boxed then kickboxed, then started Wing Chun Kung Fu at age twenty-five. Along the way he's studied Aikido, more Greco Wrestling, Chin Na, Bagua, Tai Chi and of course BJJ. His background in kickboxing allowing him to train mma fighters and beat them in sparring even being twice their age. MMA fighters might call themselves the ultimate fighters, but I say, "If you the ultimate fighter, why you get hit so much?" You can get lessons from Derrick at www.



A.K.A. The Beast

Fight Record:


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