Meet the League Judges

Alex Randall
Alex is an engineer who moved to LA from the beautiful midwest to pursure a career in standup comedy, only to find himself surrounded by other people from teh midwest also seeking fame and fortune. Alex performed standup all across America, from NYC to LA. Alex can be contacted via facebook Alex Randall.

Jonathan Krone
Jonathan Krone is an LA local comedian and writer. He is the Editor in Chief at The Sack of Troy, USC's online satire magazine, as well as the President of USC's Stand-Up Comedy club. He enjoys long walks on the beach, cliched lists, and meta jokes in bios. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @kroneavirus. 

My name is Alex Hutchinson stage name AC  I’m from a small town out of north Georgia repping for Chattanooga tn and Atlanta Ga. I’ve been doing stand up comedy for about 3 years now, I travel all over the general south area. My style of Comedy is all over the place really, I can be clean as the lords toenail or dirty like a stripclub bathroom it varies. I can be reached on all social media platforms: Alex ac Hutchinson FB, insta: alex_ac_hutch 


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