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Ryan Donegan

My story is simple, I was a fighter from way back in the day, but was blindsided by a nasty fighter and my career was ended. When it became clear that I could never hold the belt, I set my mind to developing talent, that with my knowledge, could reach the top of the moutain and look down on all the little people as they look upwards onto the glory that is my fighter. Picking fighters with the ability to soak in all that I know is my game and I will do whatever it takes to assure my fighters are wearing the championship belt! We Train in a secret location away from any distractions. I know you want to know where that is but hey, didn't I say it was a secret location? Best believe we're coming fo the title and we will be victorious!
I can be reached via social media at Snaxx yt- snaxx comedy IG @ snaxxcomedy FB - Email:




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