About Sifu Clyde Derrick

Understanding the package
I teach a mixture of everything I've learned over my life. I don't combine arts, I combine concepts from various martial arts including sport fighting. Sport fighting is normally more effective in the streets however, they have built in weakness because of the rules in those sports. Example would be, wrestling mostly solves the problem after the problem exist while there is an Aikido of Tai Chi solution to the problem while it is being applied.

Will this work against mma?
Yes. MMA is build on four different sports fighting styles, each one bringing their own gaps due to the rules in each fight system. MMA is also affected by gear used in those sports. Example would be, MMA guys and gals get hit a lot because their blocking system is taken from boxing and boxing uses very big gloves which can covering your head. MMA uses very small gloves that cannot cover your head. Yet, MMA fighters use the same blocks from boxing. (?) Why they don't understand this is beyond me.


About me:
I wrestled in high school, in eleventh grade I started in Jeet Kune Do. From there studied Boxing, then Kickboxing. Yes I actually fought in the ring.
I have 27 years of Wing Chun behind me, which includes understanding Tai Chi and Bagua and includes Chin Na (locking).
Along the way I studied, BJJ to blue belt level, Aikido, and a little of this and that.

Who did I learn from?
I've studied with so many people over the years, all of them adding knowledge which I will pass on to you. My favorite teacher was my first, my JKD teacher. Because of the concepts and martial arts foundation he gave me, I was able to quickly understand and learn all the other arts I've studied over the years. I'll give you the same good foundation. In the end it doesn't matter who you learned from, it only matters that you learned something that you can apply. Here it is in a nutshell. If you need to take lessons from someone who took lessons from someone, who took lessons from someone famous, I'm not the guy for you. I come from a school of thought that winning the fight was the goal, not looking good in a demo or bragging about who you learned from.

Is it a good art for women?
Yes. Any safety training is good.

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