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How does it take to film?
10 minute pre-sign in prep on your end
10 minutes sign in time
20 minutes competition

How the Martial Arts fight works

One competitor launches an attack, the
other competitor performs/demonstrates
a defense for the attack and then
launches a counter attack. Each fighter
does two attacks. Competitors are
allowed up to four moves in their attack

Option A- One man fight: You demonstrate
your attack and counter on your own.
(Not doing right now)

We want to do this 2 man option
Option B- Two man fight: You have a
partner who copies the attack of the
other fighter for you so you can demo
on them.

Your partner doesn't have to copy them
perfectly. For example, if someone does
a spin hook kick and your partner is not
capable of doing a spin hook kick, they
can simply lift your leg simulating a spin
hook kick at a lower level. Visually it will
still make a worlds of difference.

BJJ, Wrestling and Judo, can only be used
if it is option B- Two man fight.

As for BJJ:
Because bjj on the ground consist of
very small hard to see moves, the
extinct of ground fighting will be as

1- you take the opponent down and
apply a quick move for a submission
or a knock out blow. If the person
taken down can give a counter and
show how they will set up ground
defense, like butterfly or full guard,
then the fight will be considered
stalemated and the next attack must
be launched standing. Should the
person taken to the ground not be able
to demo their counter/transition into a
safe ground position, including how to
defend ground and pound, that fighters
lack of ground defense knowledge will
give judges the right to grant a
submission to the fighter who executed
the take down.

As for Wrestling & Judo:
The person being thrown or taken down
must demonstrate the ability to counter/
stop the move or show how they would
get to a safe position after landing on
the ground. Failure to do either will allow
judges to see the throw/takedown as

The Referees

The referee flip a coin to see who
attacks first to start each round.
Winner of the coin toss goes first
for rounds 1 and 2. The winner,
here after known as "The first,"
launches their attack. The 2nd
(person who lost the coin flip) goes
first in the 3rd round.

Each fighter has 4 seconds to start
their defense and counter. The
referee keeps count and if the
fighter does not start their defense
and counter before the ref says "4"
a penalty point is assessed. The
judges will use the minus point
in their calculation.

What is considered a move

1- Defense is not counted in your move
count of four, only offense.

2- Grabbing a persons and applying a
knee, elbow, punch is 1 move.

3- Blocking a punch and moving it is
considered one move.

4- A leg block with a leg counter kick
is one move.

Judges Scoring

Judges will give their thoughts at the end
of each round.

If you choose to wear a gi, then grabbing
your gi could be used against you, however
if the other fighter does not have on a gi,
then you cannot apply a gi technique to them.

There are no points given, judges simply
decide who won each round and ultimately
who won the fight.




Guidelines for Comedians

Sum it up. Act like you on TV in every
way. PG13 movie

No use of the B---h word

No use of the F---ing word in relation
to sex

No use of the N----r word (Yes even if
you black)

No talking about religion (8 comedians
with different beliefs)

No talking about politics (8 comedians
with different loyalties)

Don't attack another comedian (not even
playing the dozens)

No attacks on Homosexuality (I shouldn't
have to say why)

Talk sex okay, but keep it clean again,
like you on television

No black lives matter mention or

No pro or anti-Trump.

For Better Appearance

1-Silence your cell, keep it low, out of

2-If you have to text during the show,
don't do the show.

3-Prepare to be in a quiet environment.

4-Make sure you have enough lights on.

5-Don't Shake the laptop, it shows in the

6-Don't eat food during show, you can

7-Tell your family you doing a show so
they don't walk through.

8-Don't smoke during show.

9-Please stay in front of camera during
show. This includes getting up from
your seat or going for a walk.

10-Do not cut video feed. You can mute
a few seconds.

11- Laptop is preferred over cell because
of size of frame, but if that's all you have
it's ok. Let me know before the show.

12-Do not zoom from in car.

13-Have a clear light colored background.
Nothing in background that is a
trademark or a violation of copyright use

Either have a plain wall or a plain
white sheet. (white/off white). No pictures
in background, t
ape a white cloth over.

Can use a virtual martial arts background.

14-If you drink a soda pour it in a glass
ahead of time so the name of that
company doesn't appear on the show.

15-Do not wear a shirt that has a
companies registered logo.

16-Put cap on backwards so no name

17-Don't rock in a rocking chair.

18-actually pay attention to the show.
What others, watch fighters.

19-No personal attacks on others.
Examples: you look like you on
food stamps or your teeth so
crooked.... be more creative,
attacking others is low ball.

20-Do not promote your products
on this show. You may tell people
your website so they can buy your
You cannot say I sale this T-shirt
on my website.

Be Ready

If the show starts at 4PM, you should be
logged into your laptop by 3:45PM and
have checked your lighting, mic, earbuds
or headset and have looked over your
background, cover up any pictures.
You can skype another person in the
group to check for problems with your
set up.

If invites are sent out 10 minutes before
start time, you should be in zoom
meeting on time.

Everyone needs to have headset or
earbuds ready to go.


If you sign up but can't make
the show, please let me know as soon
as possible.

If you never connected to zoom before
let me know so I can connect with you
first so we can work out any issues.


It is your understanding, I will record the
show, put it on youtube, facebook,
instagram, twitter and any other social
media available now and in the future in
perpetuity. You acknowledge I may have
to edit the show and chop it into smaller
pieces for these social media platforms.
You understand pieces of the show may
be used in a television commercial aired
on major television stations and or cable
channels across Los Angeles and even
the United States. You hear by give your
consent to use your likeness on those
television commercials without
compensation to you now or in the
future. Should any dispute arise over
rather or not compensation was
promised, you agree to binding
arbitration in the the court district
chosen by US, Clyde Derrick.

Thanks you for joining Virtual Fight League

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